What is Cosmic Energy?

Cosmic Energy is the primordial substance of the Universe that maintains alive Nature and the Human Being. It has the capacity to help to the body to take care of itself. The human organism has the ability to interact with the energy coming from the unquenchable source, the Universe. This type of energy has been recognized by different cultures and called in different ways: for the Chinese, it’s the chi; in India, it’s called prana; Christianity called it divine breath; it was called ether by the Greeks; the Mayans referred to this energy as ki nam, whereas in Hebrew it was called ruah. In this form, the Universe and all that exists in it are in perpetual and harmonic motion becoming One. This Unity is composed of different forms of energy which exert a constant influence on us. Among the most common forms of energy, you can think of light, sound, radio waves, and other subtler energies that might not be perceived, although we are in permanent contact with them. Cosmic Energy is one of these forms of energy.

What are the Energy Centres?

The human being has an energy body besides the physical body. For the physical body to work correctly and efficiently, it is necessary that the Energy Centres work properly. The Energy Centres are vortexes that work like engines, in charge of efficiently receiving and transmitting the energy of the Universe. The health of the human organism depends on the proper functioning of the Energy Centres. It is through the Energy Centres that we can capture the Cosmic Energy, and the organism itself is able to use it as necessary in an intelligent way. We have 7 main Energy Centres, and the IRECA method works on all of them. The application of the IRECA method allows to capture and channel the Cosmic Energy so as to nurture all the systems of the human body and their respective organs.

What does energy transmission consist of?

It is a practice that has been carried out for centuries. In many cases, it is performed in an intuitive way without being aware of the fact that energy is being transmitted, using the intention of promoting well-being.

What is IRECA?

IRECA stands for Istituto di Ricerca Sull´Energia Cosmica Applicata (Research Institute on Applied Cosmic Energy) based in Rome, Italy. The President of IRECA is Dr. Natale Finocchiaro. IRECA counts on many collaborators such as researchers, doctors and therapists who research on the use of Cosmic Energy. This research work began with the work of the Teacher Farid al Afuw al Fattah. He worked on this method on how to use Cosmic Energy for therapeutic purposes at the beginning of the 19th century in Anatolia. Several sources indicate that this tradition comes from a time dating back to the construction of the pyramids.

What is the IRECA method?

It is a technique that transforms us into aware channels of the Cosmic Energy through the harmonization of the Energy Centres. With this technique one has the capacity to transmit cosmic energy without having to use his/her own energy.

What benefits do I obtain by learning the IRECA method?

You will:

  • have an additional tool to treat yourself
  • strengthen your organism in a wider sense: physically and energetically
  • strengthen your immune system
  • be more resistant to illnesses
  • increase the physical and mental well-being
  • have an extra tool for helping with emergency situations
  • be able to help others to maintain or to improve their health

How often should the energy treatment be performed to obtain results?

The technique should be used with a frequency of at least 3 sessions per week up to a total of 21 sessions, with a duration of not more than 5 minutes per session. Once a cycle of 21 sessions has been completed, one should leave 7 days of rest and, should the need arise, one can repeat the treatment cycle until the condition improves.

What is the purpose or application of the IRECA Method?

It helps

  • to prevent and recover from illnesses.
  • in the recovery and the self-healing ability of the body.
  • to diminish the symptoms associated to daily stress.

It also

  • complements other therapies
  • it is effective and without side effects
  • helps with pain management

What does the IRECA technique consist of?

One places his/her hands for not longer than 5 minutes on specific Energy Centres according to the type of health problem that is being treated, or on the centres that are responsible for the general well-being of the body.

Who can be treated with this technique?

It can be used on anyone who asks for it.

Who can use the IRECA method?

Anyone who attends the IRECA courses.

What type of health problems can be treated through the IRECA method?

Any type of illness can be treated with this method, ranging from simple problems such as flu to problems of psychosomatic origin such as those due to stress, depression.

Can the transmission of Energy with the IRECA method cure and/or substitute medical treatment?

Absolutely not. The technique is NOT meant to substitute any traditional or alternative therapeutic treatment. The IRECA method should be considered as a complement to other therapies, in fact it often strengthens the effects of other treatments. To obtain the most benefits it is necessary to consider the application of this technique as a specific treatment of the Energy Centres.

Should I suspend taking medications while I am receiving IRECA energy treatments?

Absolutely not. The IRECA method is not a substitute for medications prescribed and supervised by a doctor. Rather, the energy treatments are complementary aid to medications.

How long does it take to see the results of the energy treatments?

This varies from person to person. In some cases a remarkable improvement is obtained starting from the first application. In other cases, longer treatments might be required to obtain results.

Does the IRECA technique go against any religious belief?

No. The only purpose of the method is therapeutic, and has nothing to do with beliefs of any kind or religion.

Can you charge for giving energy treatments?

No, because the Cosmic Energy doesn’t belong to anyone.

Can the IRECA technique cure anything?

The IRECA method doesn’t seek to cure, rather it is a tool to help the organism to recover from illness. As such, the IRECA technique is complementary to any medical treatment.

Why is the transmission of Cosmic Energy or the IRECA method useful in the treatment of illnesses?

The IRECA method is based on the notion that the body has a self-regulating capacity. When this ability is weakened or lost, the Energy Centres also lose their ability to receive cosmic energy. This is when disease can appear due to the reduced amount of energy available to the body. In turn, the self-regulating capacity of the body also deteriorates, thus making the body unable to respond efficiently to the disease. If, however, energy is delivered to the organism, it will diffuse through the body in an intelligent way, thus allowing the body to recover its self-regulating capacity.

How can one prove the the effectiveness of the IRECA Method?

The effectiveness of the method has been proven through a vast case history accumulated in various IRECA centres, where patients report the effects of the technique as an improvement in the symptoms of illnesses, increase of vitality and in the recovery process.

Does the IRECA method work through suggestion or as a placebo?

No. The IRECA method is objective, scientific and doesn’t require suggestion, although a positive and open attitude is always very useful.

What makes the IRECA method different from other energy techniques such as acupuncture, Bach flowers, Reiki, Chi Kung, the use of crystals, etc.?

This method consists of a practical and simple technique that only requires 5 minutes treatment. The person that uses it becomes his or her own instrument to channel energy, hence no additional tools are required. The person that uses the IRECA technique doesn’t use his or her own energy because he/she simply becomes a channel of Cosmic Energy. You don’t pay for the sessions of transmission of Energy. It acts directly on the Energy Centres, not in their manifestations. Learning how to apply this technique takes little time. No special place is needed to apply the technique, any place is suitable to do energy treatment through the IRECA method.