The IRECA Method

The IRECA Method (developed by the Institute for Research on Applied Cosmic Energy, based in Italy) is a simple effective technique used to balance the Energy Centres. When in balance, the Energy Centres are able to bring our human organism into equilibrium, leading to optimal health and wellbeing. Practicing IRECA involves learning to use intention and attention (‘presence’), with an attitude of non-interference to facilitate energetic changes in the mind-body, typically for therapeutic and/or performance enhancement purposes.

To this end, it employs the familiar operational framework of Energy Centres and energy transmission, common to many other traditional systems and techniques; the primary function of which is instrumental, however, not explanatory (the question of the sense in which these constructs really exist considered unimportant for practical purposes).

How Does IRECA Work?

The human organism interacts, as all living forms do, with that inextinguishable energy source that is the universe. In all of the ancient traditions, attention has been given to the Energy Centres located within the body.


The Energy Centres are seen as receptors and transmitters of this energy (the Chinese call it ‘Chi’, in India, ‘Prana’), influencing the state of health of their corresponding organs, and consequently, the individual’s health. Our fast pace lifestyle, stress, environmental toxins and other factors, threaten the healthy function of these Energy Centres. Subsequently, an Energy Centre imbalance is experienced and can be visibly demonstrated through varying degrees of physical illness and emotional upset.

The treatment

An IRECA energy application lasts only a few minutes. The practitioner uses the Energy Centres to channel energy, helping the body to return to its natural state of balance. Upon receiving an energy application, and as the treatments progress, one may experience improved vitality, mental clarity, calm, and a reduction of stress. The technique is an effective complement to conventional medical treatments.