The IRECA Method is a simple effective technique used to balance the body’s Energy Centres. When in balance, the Energy Centres are able to bring our human organism into equilibrium, leading to optimal health and wellbeing. Practicing IRECA involves learning to use intention and attention (‘presence’), with an attitude of non-interference to facilitate energetic changes in the mind-body, typically for therapeutic and/or performance enhancement purposes.

In the IRECA courses, you will learn how to:

  • Maintain and strengthen your energy balance.
  • Distribute energy in the whole body
  • Be helpful towards states of distress and illness
  • Transmit energy at a distance through the use of intention
  • Harmonise the cellular memory, reduce stress, and assist in the release of traumatic memories

By Practicing IRECA, you will:

  • Regain physical stamina
  • Develop the tools to easily reduce stress
  • Improve your focus and concentration
  • Become more resistant to Illnesses
  • Increase your emotional and mental well-being
  • Refine your state of deep presence
  • Learn to use correct intention